Fabián Costilla Vázquez

Published on Friday, April 22, 2016

Fabián Costilla Vázquez

When he was only 15 years old Fabián had to drop out of school to work to help his family get ahead. "When you only have a middle school education all you can aspire to is a very low salary," says Fabián.

At first, he worked as a machine operator but his salary was very low. He held job after job until he finally landed an entry level position at a multinational company that produces cleaning products. When he realized that his colleagues had better positions he decided to study and began at CONALEP's Don Humberto Lobo campus in Santa Catarina as an industrial chemical technician. He enrolled in business training courses and participated in lectures that helped him with skills for employment. Thanks to the NEO Mexico Alliance, Fabián managed to graduate and became the institution's spokesperson. Fabián is an example that joint efforts between technical training and soft skills become a qualified technical training.

Now Fabián has a better job. He has a living wage and a promising future. Thanks to his remarkable performance he has been offered jobs at other companies.

Like Fabián, CONALEP's class of  2015, made up of 3,471 graduates, received the inter mediation service that includes conferences to reinforce skills for employment, support for internships, and a support system tailored to help them obtain professional experience aligned with their profile. All this has increased their chances of getting decent jobs related to their field as well as better wages.

Thanks to the coordination that took place under NEO 70% of young graduates in June 2015 have formal employment which is also aligned to their career and interests.

NEO Mexico alliance:

Under the leadership of CEMEX, COMUNIDAR Foundation coordinates an alliance of businesses, government and civil society in the state of Nuevo Leon, which aligns training and technical upper secondary education with the needs of companies of the most dynamic industrial sectors.

It's main areas of focus are serving youth both with and without a formal education and creating a unique employment opportunity for low income young people benefiting some 32,000 students.


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