What We Do

NEO seeks to improve employment opportunities for 1 million youth by 2022. 


Objectives for 2012-2018

  • 10 business, government and civil society partnerships join forces to implement youth employment projects in Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • 200 institutions offer better quality youth training and employment services, according to the NEO Quality Standards Guide.
  • 500,000 youth, ages 16 to 29, half of them women, are employment-ready.
  • 1,000 companies offer internships and job opportunities for youth.  
  • 50% of youth graduates from NEO training courses have a job.
  • 1 in 5 NEO youth who graduate from NEO training courses continue studying.


NEO contributes to closing the gap between youth skills and employer demand for a qualified workforce. NEO has five action areas:

  1. Create partnerships among companies, governments and civil society that develop and implement projects to improve youth job opportunities.
  2. Improve quality in training and employment services following NEO quality standards.
  3. Co-finance innovative projects with employment solutions that reach the greatest possible number of youth.
  4. Mobilize employers to offer more jobs and internships.
  5. Share lessons learned through studies and publications.


With a total investment of US$137 million, by November 2017:

  • NEO operates in 12 countries.
  • 10 business, government and civil society partnerships are working together to implement youth employment projects.
  • 249 525 youth are preparing for employment (half are women).
  • 3 035 businesses offer internships and jobs for youth.
  • 209 training and employment institutions are improving their services through the NEO Quality Standards System.
  • 865 teachers, trainers and facilitators participated in NEO Quality Standards workshops.
  • 63% of youth graduates from NEO training courses have a job: 52% women / 73% men
  • 37% of youth graduates from NEO trainig courses continue studying



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