Jeni Abigail Morales Herrera
I learned to value my own efforts and the efforts my parents have made for me. I am taking senior high school again. I didn´t used to value what my parents did and now I have learned what my strengths are and how to save up.”  

Place of residence: Santa Catarina, Nuevo León, Mexico 

Benefits gained from NEO: Furthered her technical training through “SaberT Productivo: Cuenta Para ser Dueño de tu Futuro”, a Banamex Financial Education course run by CONALEP.

Date of joining: January 2015 

Project name: NEO Nuevo Léon   

Project launch date: May, 2014   

Project cost: US$ 11.037.165   

Partners: Comfenalco Antioquia, Antioquia Government, Augura, Chamber Commerce, Comfama, Corbanacol, Corona Foundation, Fundaunibán, ICBF, Microempresas de Colombia, SENA and University of Antioquia.


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