Joel Andrés Mosquera Mazo

"Thanks to NEO we visited the industrial freezer plant where I´m working at the moment. Seeing the whole process live was really useful. I think that putting the course on my CV played an important role in them hiring me too.The interview went very well because NEO showed us how to express ourselves, what to say and how not to be nervous. I am in a 45-day trial period and I think they´ll hire me because the owner of the plant, Mr.Juan, said my performance has been excellent. This job will help me contribute at home. I live with my Mum and two brothers. I also have a son and they all feel part of NEO."  

Place of residence: Turbo, Colombia 

Benefits gained from NEO: Took part in a training on meat cutting and is currently working in the industrial freezer plant in Currulao

Date of joining: November 2014 

Project name: NEO Urabá   

Project launch date: May 14, 2014   

Project cost: US$ 6.652.450   

Partners: Comfenalco Antioquia, Antioquia Government, Augura, Chamber of Commerce, Comfama, Corbanacol, Corona Foundation, Fundaunibán, ICBF, Microempresas de Colombia, SENA and University of Antioquia.


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