Mileidy Urrutia Mosquera

"I got to know NEO through my Church. They told me what it was about and that they had tailor-made courses. So I signed up for the course and now I´m grateful for the opportunity I was given. I got this job thanks to NEO and the training they gave me and now I can help out at home. I was very lucky because thanks to NEO I found this supermarket and got some work experience.  By chance somebody resigned after I started my work placement and they hired me instead.

Place of residence: Apartadó- Colombia 

Benefits gained from NEO: Took part in a cash registry training course at Luis Amigó University Institute in the Municipality of Apartadó.

Date of joining: October 2014

Project name: NEO Urabá   

Project launch date: May 14, 2014   

Project cost: US$ 6.652.450   

Partners: Comfenalco Antioquia, Antioquia Government, Augura, Chamber of Commerce, Comfama, Corbanacol, Corona Foundation, Fundaunibán, ICBF, Microempresas de Colombia, SENA and University of Antioquia.


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